Understanding Complexities of Hospital Facilities Management

As Health and Hospital Management consultants, we see a wide range of problems that deal with the complexities of hospital facilities management, and the diverse solutions those disparate issues require.

In this post, I’ll go over a few of the most common concerns and considerations we face when clients bring us on.

Personnel Management

The first, and biggest issue that many hospitals face comes in the form of personnel management.

While the problem takes many forms, the basic origination of the issue is fairly straightforward:

Hospitals need medical experts to manage their organizations, but medical experts are rarely trained in professional management practices

In other words, in order to be effectively run, hospitals need the advice and input of their doctors and other leaders in the health industry. They need individuals who deeply understand the leading trends, guidelines, and best practices of the industry. That only comes from doctors and other highly trained medical professionals.

However, most doctors, while exceptionally bright, have no real experience or training in management. They don’t usually have any formal education in management topics, nor do they know how to effectively deal with issues such as HR, finance, or other “business” aspects of running a hospital.

That’s where we come in. We combine the business and health experiences, to work with your team and figure out realistic solutions to your problems.

Private Practice Acquisition

Another leading issue in hospital management is the growing trend for acquiring smaller private practice groups.

This trend has spread across the nation in the last decade, and both non-profit and for-profit hospital corporations are actively seeking doctor practices to acquire.

we are often contracted either to help identify and establish opportunities for these acquisitions, or as an independent third party to help negotiate a solution favorable to both parties, and implement a smooth transition.

To our knowledge, we are the only leading professional services firm that specializes in private practice acquisition. Our experience and knowledge of the industry, current trends, and how to price such deals is unparalleled.

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